Water Main Line Replacements

How Are Water Main Line Problems Detected?

There are a few things to look for that will indicate a defect in your water main line:

  • Weak Ground
  • Puddles Or Pooling In The Landscaping
  • Visible Water Leakage
  • Collapsed Ground Or Sidewalks
  • Lack Of Water Pressure
  • No Water Supply Inside The Home
  • Dirty water at your fixtures
  • Water meter spinning when water is not in use in the home
  • High water bill

As soon as you notice any of these signs, contact us. Ignoring a water main line problem will lead to damage and wasted water. We have been serving Southeastern Ohio for decades and provide the best plumbing service in the area. One of our knowledgeable technicians will come out to your home or business and look into the cause of your water main line failure. We use various tools to identify complications with water main lines. After inspection, we will provide you with a fixed price quote and let you know all of the options you have for repair or replacement of your water main line.

How Are Water Main Lines Repaired Or Replaced?

Due to their location, it sometimes requires digging and excavation to service your water main line. In most instances, however, we are able to replace your water service with a traditional installation. This means that there is very minimal digging on your property and once the job is completed, it can seem like we were never there. Your city’s plumbing codes regulate the materials we are able to use in your water main line. Depending on the material of your water main line, we may be required to replace the entire line. This is usually the case for older metallic based water main lines, such as galvanized iron pipe. If a repair is possible, we will remove the damaged pipe, replace it with a new pipe, and make all of the connections. After repair or replacement, we will test the line and do a basic restoration of the area we disturbed with excavation.


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