Ductless Mini-Splits

Topping the energy efficiency charts are Ductless Mini-Splits. This heating and cooling option has been popular around the world for many years and is now a favorite throughout Ohio.

These systems are designed to provide both heating and cooling for homes with no or limited ductwork. They work similarly to air source heat pumps as they bring heat from the outside into the house for the winter, and then reverse to cool the house in the summer.

New trend in HVAC options

The term ductless split system and ductless heat pump are interchangeable. It’s called a split system or mini-split because there is an outside heat pump component connected to one or more indoor “heads” or wall mounted units. Therefore the equipment is split into two (or more) parts.


The immense popularity of the ductless split system or mini-split reflects their many great features.

  • Easy to place and install in all types of homes: single family house, condo, townhouse
  • Versatile use component system, can heat or cool one room or the whole house
  • Whisper quiet indoors and out, meeting local noise ordinances
  • Humidity and directional control options
  • A super efficient air conditioning option
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Minimal maintenance, no expensive filter to purchase
  • Great for use in garages, basements and bonus rooms
  • Able to heat at lower outside air temperatures, minimizing need for backup heat source
  • Utility rebates and federal tax credits can be substantial

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