Basement Flooding

Finding out that your basement has flooded can be an unpleasant experience for any homeowner. When your basement floods it can introduce many hazardous materials into you home and cause extensive damage. Moisture that is not addressed in a timely manner can result in mold and mildew growth and the breakdown of materials such as foundations, carpets, floors and drywall. There are a few common reasons why basements flood:

  • Excess Rain
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Unsealed basement walls and floors
  • Sewage Backup

All of these reasons can be handled by a certified plumber, and we offer several solutions to prevent and address basement flooding including sump pumps, ejector pumps and our basement pump out service.

Sump Pump Information

A sump pump works by removing excess water from your basement and moving it to the outside of your home. Sump pumps are essential for some homes in the our area with a basement. While most basements are constructed to prevent flooding, excessive rain can overwhelm the city water drainage system and that water needs to go somewhere.

A sump pump sits in a basin in your basement and is composed of floats and monitors that keep track of the amount of water in your basement. As water enters the basin, it will be pumped out, preventing your basement from flooding. While main sump pumps are powered by electricity, it is crucial to have a backup battery powered pump available in the event of a power outage.

We can install, service and repair all types and models of sump pumps.

Ejector Pump Information

If your basement has a bathroom, you probably have an ejector pump installed. Plumbing systems operate on the concept of gravity, and when a bathroom is located lower than the sewer line, the waste needs a little help to reach the sewer. An ejector pump will carry the waste from your bathroom to the sewer line and out of your home. If your ejector pump fails, you risk flooding of raw sewage in your basement.

With an ejector pump, you need to be mindful of the items flushed down the toilet. Sanitary items, disposal wipes and anything that would not be flushed in a normal toilet should not enter your basement toilet.

If you are experiencing problems with your ejector pump, we can help.

Basement Pump Out Service

If your sump pump or ejector pump fails or if you find yourself with a flooded basement, you will need a pump put service. It is vital to have your basement pumped out as soon as water is noticed to prevent further damage. We will pump out your basement and address the problem that caused the flooding in the first place.


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